Color Trends for 2007

In doing some research, I wanted to learn about where Interiors is headed in terms of Color Trends for 2007. Up and coming color combinations are going to lean towards ‘warming the soul.’ Themes of comfort, nature and spices will form series of colors that can either be used as a subtle backdrop or can be blended to create deep contrasts within the home.

Comfortable Colors include neutral colors inspired by some of our favorite soul foods; cinnamon brown, cocoa, wheat, biscuit, and pumpkin orange will be that subtle backdrop and warm cozy color palette.

Natural Colors include soft yellows, clean blues and greens, and organic browns. This color palette is fresh and bright. It can maintain a calm and muted feel or it can be dramatized using brighter hues.

Contrasting dramatic colors will include rich hues of purples, plums, combined with black and white. These colors are bold and spicy and may be incorporated in accent walls, accessories or finishes.

As Interior Design pushes forward into 2007 more of these colors will be incorporated throughout design. I believe that much of this years palette of color schemes is inspired by the “quest for organic and Eco-friendly” materials and processes. The idea of sustainable, recycled, and environmentally friendly design is becoming one of the bigest trends for 2007 and the color schemes just contribute to that.

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