5 Quick Tips to Change Up Any Room

Every month A.S.D. Interiors offers design ideas through our newsletter. This month we are featuring an article that will help you change up any room through easy and unexpensive ways. Here are 5 Quick Tips!

1::: Shine Some Light! Add wall sconces or a new table lamp; or even install those recessed lights you have always wanted. This can change the mood and ambience with a flick of a switch.

2::: Add Plants and Accessories! Bring life back into the space. Hang a large mirror, add a plant, or display some new pottery and vases. This can create a new focal point within the room.

3::: Crown Molding and Base Boards! Finish off the room by adding crown molding and /or base boards. This will frame the room and is a simple and unexpensive way to update the space.

4::: Fresh Coat of Paint! Don’t be afraid of adding color. If your walls are white then it is time to change it up. Choose an accent wall and paint it a bold rich color. Or even paint the entire room a neutral taupe. If you’re really daring, paint the ceiling a darker color. Adding paint can make a room feel more inviting, and intimate.

5::: Lastly, Move the Furniture Around! Your furniture is probably in the same place as when you moved in. If this is you, then try pulling it away from the walls and creating a more central floorplan. You may discover the room works in different ways then you thought it could. Changing the furniture creates different views, conversation zones, and can change up the function and flow to something fresh!

Now that you have some easy tips to change up that room, try them out. If you have a bigger project, and would like the assistance of a professional Interior Designer, we can help you. Also, if you like these design tips and would like to receive your monthly newsletter, send us an email at info@asdinteriors.com.

Happy Designing!

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