Update Your Landscape!

Completely demolishing your backyard to redesign a new landscape can often times be quite expensive. Here are 5 unexpensive ways to update your landscape on a budget:

1. A series of potted plans each using the same pot with the same plant is a good way to create a fresh, unified visual focal point.
2. Add lighting. This is a great way to create contrast in your garden; not to mention at night, it creates a beautiful ambience. Solar lights are a great option for saving money and contributing to helping the economy.
3. Mix up the materials; add river rocks to some of your potted plants, use stone steps as a walk-way instead of concrete. Grass isn’t the only option!
4. Add a water feature; this only requires an electrical outlet, but can add a peaceful sound which contributes to a new fresh garden!
5. Add an outdoor area rug to your patio which may hide some of those backyard flaws, not to mention provide a decorative accent by adding color and texture.

To get some inspiration for your landscape update, visit some of these gardens in the Los Angeles area.

Getty Center, Los Angeles CA
Norton Simon, Pasadena CA
Arboretum, Arcadia, CA
Huntington Library, Pasadena CA
Virginia Robinson Gardens, Beverly HIlls CA
Descanso Gardens, La Canada Flintridge CA

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