The definition of fashionable beds with clear lines and shapes highlighted by integrated nightstands. Available in both light oak and dark stained oak.
Headboard width: Queen 109 inches, King 127 inches
Austroflex Bed System
The Casá is a low, sleek modern bed frame with integral side tables. Available in either light or dark stained oak. Queen- $2475, King- $2805
Axel Bloom European Bed Systems are designed using the most advanced German adjustable bed technology for the most luxurious sleep. Aerospace-engineered bed systems provide excellent back, shoulder and neck support with ergonomic foam and latex mattresses, slat bed suspension systems, and high-quality modern bed frames.
Mattresses: $575 – 3990 | Bed Frames: $1050 – 4025 | Suspension Systems: $450 – 5879

Bay Wash

Azevedo installed her home’s new kitchen where the laundry porch used to be, but retained a sense of the former openness with a wall of south-facing windows. “Anywhere else this might have been crazy,” she says, basking in the culinary warmth, “but in San Francisco, it’s really quite nice—even in summer!”

With a presence in three centuries, Christi Azevedo’s Victorian survived the quake of 1906 and served as a laundry before its rebirth as a well-lit hybrid of old and new.
If there were a theme song for architect Christi Azevedo’s rehabilitation of the crumbling 1885 abode she purchased in San Francisco’s Mission District, it would have to be “Love the One You’re With.” Instead of an extreme makeover, the self-described modernist undertook a thoughtful refurbishment—preserving trim, retaining the layout, making furniture from framing lumber excavated from the site, and fabricating new elements as needed. Musing on the Victorian hybrid that she shares with her partner, Katherine Catlos, Azevedo notes, “I think the world will look more and more like Blade Runner, where you have an old Chevy Nova as well as some crazy thing flying through
the air. There’s room for both.”

Giant CurlyShade

Giant CurlyShade
Over 40 metres of steam-bent Oxfordshire Ash, curl and coil around a central steam-bent frame to create a lively light unlike any other – an array of captivating shadows, lending a magical atmosphere to the room it inhabits.

It is made to an eco-friendly specification, using only local wood from sustainable forests (carbon neutral and renewable), and very low energy production techniques, so that as a product it has very low embodied energy. Beauty, individuality and romance align with nature to create the CurlyShade.

The Giant CurlyShade is one of Charlie’s most popular designs and was the best selling product of his former company sixixis ( Out of production since 2007, his new company, Charlie Whinney Associates, is this summer making a limited number for clients who order during July. He plans to focus on new designs in the future, so this may well be the last chance to own a CurlyShade.

Giant CurlyShade: 450mm x 450mm x 450mm: £500 / $1000
Regular CurlyShade: 300mm x 300mm x 300mm: £250 / $500



Perfect alone…or with company. The Cuddle is a Cantoni modern classic: a good-looking, comfy, cozy love seat, in a design that’s irresistibly inviting. This sumptuous lounge, beyond being an example of contemporary design at its best, appeals to some primal instinct we all have for a cozy sanctuary.
EASY TO CLEAN – Spot clean with water-based or solvent cleaner: To prevent overall soil, frequent vacuuming or light brushing to remove dust and grime is recommended. Spot clean with a mild solvent, an upholstery shampoo, or the foam from a mild detergent. When using a solvent or dry cleaning product, follow instructions carefully and clean only in a well-ventilated room.

A Rolling Summer House is a sensational garden feature and much more :

A serious piece of public art, inspired by the natural world .A private space in the shade, perfect for reading or an intimate picnic.A climbing structure for children,with no sharp edges.
Thin strands of wood on the outer layer mean impact on lawn is minimal The whole structure can be rolled about by two adults , and fixed in place with child – prooflegs.The Rolling Summer house, an extraordinary spherical structure large enough to relax in side, but light enough for an adult to roll around a garden. Children can use it as a climbing frame, and it can be safely anchored to the ground with three child – proof legs. There are currently two designs, both elaborate, geometricalre presentations of microscopic natural phenomena : a pollen grain ( 4 metres, above and right) and a plank to cell( 3 metres, below and far right ).