La Fonda del Sol

La Fonda del Sol
Like all great designers, Alexander Girard never forgot that his work must be ultimately practical – he just made sure to imbue his designs with a whole lot of sophisticated yet fun boldness. We humbly aim for the same at FLOR. Our La Fonda del Sol™ area rug collection captures the whimsy and vibrancy of Alexander Girard’s folk art designs while remaining infinitely flexible and practical FLOR. So go ahead and mix Girard styles with FLOR solids to create your own customized area rug design.
La Fonda del Sol styles mix it up nicely with Take a Ribbing™ for complementing blocks of solid color and some added texture spice (see Inspiration). The complete La Fonda del Sol rug collection includes three different colors to choose from, Mandarina, Verde, and Azul; and our smaller size sun interpretation, Pequeño. You can also combine two or more six tile rugs of the same or different styles for larger flooring installations.

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