A Rolling Summer House is a sensational garden feature and much more :

A serious piece of public art, inspired by the natural world .A private space in the shade, perfect for reading or an intimate picnic.A climbing structure for children,with no sharp edges.
Thin strands of wood on the outer layer mean impact on lawn is minimal The whole structure can be rolled about by two adults , and fixed in place with child – prooflegs.The Rolling Summer house, an extraordinary spherical structure large enough to relax in side, but light enough for an adult to roll around a garden. Children can use it as a climbing frame, and it can be safely anchored to the ground with three child – proof legs. There are currently two designs, both elaborate, geometricalre presentations of microscopic natural phenomena : a pollen grain ( 4 metres, above and right) and a plank to cell( 3 metres, below and far right ).

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