Giant CurlyShade

Giant CurlyShade
Over 40 metres of steam-bent Oxfordshire Ash, curl and coil around a central steam-bent frame to create a lively light unlike any other – an array of captivating shadows, lending a magical atmosphere to the room it inhabits.

It is made to an eco-friendly specification, using only local wood from sustainable forests (carbon neutral and renewable), and very low energy production techniques, so that as a product it has very low embodied energy. Beauty, individuality and romance align with nature to create the CurlyShade.

The Giant CurlyShade is one of Charlie’s most popular designs and was the best selling product of his former company sixixis ( Out of production since 2007, his new company, Charlie Whinney Associates, is this summer making a limited number for clients who order during July. He plans to focus on new designs in the future, so this may well be the last chance to own a CurlyShade.

Giant CurlyShade: 450mm x 450mm x 450mm: £500 / $1000
Regular CurlyShade: 300mm x 300mm x 300mm: £250 / $500


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