When to hire an Interior designer?

So often I get hired to start a new project and the same topic always comes up….the client tells me “Wow we should have hired you months ago!!” Yes it’s true, many people underestimate how many details there are and how useful it is to hire a designer at the beginning of a project. Not every designer works the same, but for us, we are really here to help save you TIME, MONEY, and STRESS!

So why do people wait? Well part of it may be that there is a stigma over designers in that consumers believe we cost a lot of extra money. Much to the contrary, we can actually save our clients huge dollars when it comes to making the right decisions and not paying extra for mistakes.

Another element to the mix is the Architect and Contractor. Not to take away from the importance of their jobs, but there is an absolute difference between the job of an architect….who is there to deal with the overall structural design…and the contractor, who is there to construct. Neither should be taking on the job of a designer as it dilutes the real overall finished picture.

So when should clients think of hiring a designer? It should happen just as soon as you think you might want to alter or add a new space to your home or office. Yes an architect can get to work on drawings, but there is never enough time to resource for the perfect items and materials to go in each room.

Just recently, my client had a realization of my importance for something as insignificant as the plugs for their home office computer. As the electrician and cable company were installing these 2 items on the wall, there wasn’t a selected desk at the time and therefore no one to say, “The desk that we are purchasing is 84″ long, therefore put the plug here!” Now my client has to pay for the electrical and DSL cables to be moved, the drywall to be patched, and the painter to touch up the wall.

So, if you plan to do any renovation, remodeling, additions, or design changes to your home or office remember to hire an Interior Designer in the beginning of your project. We will take care of all the details!