Interior Design Tips: 5 ways to design for spring…

A.S.D. Interiors modern flowers for spring!
A.S.D. Interiors modern flowers for spring!
1. Nature – Now that spring is in the air, some of the most beautiful flowers and plants are available to buy for your home or office. Getting a low, clear glass vase with a bundle of flowers can really brighten up a room. Our recommendation is to the place flowers on an entry table, in a powder bathroom, or on your office desk. Stick with one color and remember to keep the water fresh!
2. Sleep – Spring is a great time to get a fresh new set of bedding and/or sheets for your bed. Sleep doctors recommend dark colored sheets to mimic the night and a way to produce deep REM sleep. We recommend solid colored bedding as a way to emphasis tranquility and peace.
3. Art – Even if you are not a huge art connoisseur, spring is a great time to relocate the art in your home that you already have. You may even own a pieces of art that has been sitting in storage! Take it out of there and try placing your art somewhere new and maybe group them together to create a suite of pictures.
4. Color – Now is a better time than ever to freshen up or even change the paint on your walls. Try changing your plain white walls to a crisp green or taupe color. If a whole room is too much, try an accent wall for starters. You will be amazed at the difference a little bit of color can do for a space!
5. Reflect – One of the best accessories that you can add to a room is a mirror. Now that the sunlight will be shining brighter, use mirrors in a dark space to reflect the wonderful sunlight. It is one of the most often used tricks of the trade!