A Home That Grows With You

Universal design, by definition, is design that creates an environment anyone can enjoy, regardless of any disability. It is custom for each individual, and rids the inconveniences that a person may have previously faced with standard design. The idea behind universal design is that design can go further than the aesthetics of a space. If the individual’s needs are taken into consideration further than just color, material, and layout, it is possible to better the quality of that person’s life. Visual difficulties are met with distinguishing colors and textures, while mobility difficulties are met with accessibility throughout the home customized to each individual. A home should make the owner completely comfortable, and it certainly should not propose any obstacles for them. Taking every aspect of the owner’s capabilities and lifestyle into account allows a designer to create a space that broadens their independence. Courses for Universal Design are beginning to be introduced into the educational world, as it is becoming more of a demand with each year. Learning Universal Design goes beyond codes and regulations within a region, as it is meant to create a livable space without having to sacrifice aesthetics. No one should feel out of place in their own home.

universal design

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