Sunset Park Home

Privacy is generally a high-priority for home owners. A contemporary home in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Santa Monica has tested these ideals, as the owners have opted to trade a backyard in for a community oriented front yard. The architects placed the L-shaped home in the back corner of the lot, ridding the property of a private backyard, but adding a large front yard on the corner lot that the entire neighborhood can enjoy. A small garden placed behind the house is the only private outdoor space this home offers. The house’s open floor plan is visually exposed to the community, with large windows and wide decks directly facing the corner. The outer windows and doors are clear glass, while the interior doors are frosted to add some privacy to the rooms within the house. The great room, kitchen, and dining room are fully visible from the outside. While many people are stunned by the owner’s comfort with exposing so much of their home to the people around them, it has reminded the neighborhood of how we can still utilize the space in front of our homes. These days, it is rare to see a family enjoying their time on a front porch or deck, as most people prefer the privacy of their backyard. This family in Sunset Park proves their neighbors shy, as the owners have expressed how happy they are in their open home.

Sunset Park Home,0,5733770.photogallery?1

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