Eco-Friendly Design

Today, we have a newfound interest in recyclable and renewable resources. Society is trying to minimize our “footprint” by using eco-friendly products; this is no different in the world of design. Interior design is an easy way to take the first step to living a green, low energy lifestyle. With many recycled products now available in many mainstream furniture and hardware stores, change is easier than ever. But if replacing your appliances with low-energy equivalents and installing energy efficient windows seems a bit out of reach at the moment, an easy baby step into an eco-friendly design is through accessories. From the coasters on your coffee table, to the artwork over your fire place, there are many green alternatives to our every day accents.

A change you will hardly notice is switching out your tableware for recycled glass tableware. There are many available recycled options out there, one we found interesting were the Recycled Glass Drinkware from West Elm.
west elm recycled glass drinkware

For an interesting art piece to start off a conversation, try a recycled glass sculpture. This could range from a piece made of used bottles, sea glass, or manufactured with recycled glass materials. A good example is the Recycled Glass Head from Pier 1 Imports.
recycled glass head pier 1 imports

Glass is not the only material we see in eco-friendly design, which is clearly shown in this unique Recycled Newspaper Vase from Target.
Recycled Newspaper Vase Target

As you can see, taking steps toward living a green lifestyle do not have to overwhelm or break the bank. There are simple, easy changes we can all make that in the end will show a huge difference. It would be nice to see every home transform into an energy efficient, eco-friendly structure, but any step taken, no matter how minimal, is a good one.

One thought on “Eco-Friendly Design

  1. Nightwood New York ( makes amazing recycled or ‘reincarnated’ furniture that adds a really warm, earthy feel to any room. You should check it out!

    I love your blog, keep up the great work!

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