October’s Color of the Month

With winter approaching, deep rich colors are emerging in design. This season blue is dominating the industry. Blues ranging from royal to navy are being seen in a variety of products such as paints, textiles, and accessories. Even with the chilly weather outside, these blues are far from icy. Rich blue tones are both relaxing and, although a “cool color,” can create a very cozy environment. For example,

Crate and Barrel Lago Table Lamp
Crate and Barrel’s Lago Table Lamp is a great way to add quick color to a space. Its rich blue tone is perfect for this month’s color trend.

Going Further, these rich blues make fantastic wall colors. This season, navy has become a very popular choice.
Benjamin Moore Midnight Navy
Midnight Navy by Benjamin Moore

It’s easy to add a touch of color to a space without making drastic or expensive changes. Anything from a new table lamp, a new coat of paint, or a new area rug can create a big difference. These beautiful blues are a fantastic touch to any home, and can live through any season.

Bargain Shopping

It is easy to put in a lot of money when designing a room. Custom furniture and imported artwork can create a beautiful space, but is not entirely necessary. Bargain hunting can be both fun and rewarding. Finding the perfect treasure at a flea market can keep your budget happy while still providing the look and feel you want. In Los Angeles, we are surrounded by great flea markets. The Rose Bowl Flea Market, open the second sunday of every month, is a fantastic place to look for unique finds. Having been open for over 40 years and with over 2,500 vendors, you’re bound to find something!

Bargain hunting is not limited to flea markets. Vintage stores are also a great way to find a good deal on beautiful items. With vintage stores, it may take time to discover which ones are fairly priced, and which are more of a collectors boutique. This just takes time, and getting to know the local stores in your area. Antiques add character to your design, but it can be difficult to find a good vintage store stocked with furniture. To solve this, antiques can often be found at garage sales and swap meets. One of a kind pieces are worth the effort, and saving money is just a bonus.

Rose Bowl Flea Market

October Pick of the Month

This month, we have a stylish sofa for an affordable price. Modern style does not always have to come with a high cost, especially as more companies try to make their products attractive to the budget-conscious buyer. Here, we have a Westwood sofa with clean lines and beautiful button details. Its square shape allows it to fit within many styles of design, including mid-century modern and regency. The button details give the sofa an art deco feel, combining chic pattern with simplistic design. The fabric is stain resistent, making this piece a perfect choice for families seeking durable style for their busy lives. But even with its beautiful structure, the most attractive aspect to this sofa is its low price. All of Westwood’s style, detail, and design for under $1,000.

Westwood Sofa
Westwood 87″ Sofa