Cozy Modern

It is a common misconception that modern design is not cozy. The clean lines and simplistic design do not have to seem so cold if given the right amount of attention. In modern design, it is the textiles and accessories used that will bring out the warmth in a room. The simplistic design allows for one to pick textiles that are appropriate for their family and home. The textiles used have a huge impact on the “cozy warmth” of a room. For example, when picking a textile for the main sofa, if you are concerned with the room feeling too cold, it might be a good idea to go for a softer, more rich fabric. Making a room feel cozy depends not only on the visual expression, but also the physical; the touch and feel of different pieces in the room can either add or take away from that cozy feeling you’re looking for. Rough, thin textiles can make a room feel very uptight and restrictive, which will in the end make a modern room feel “cold.” When in actuality, modern design can be brought out in a very warm way. The benefit of the clean lines is the wide opportunity for accessorizing–pillows, throws, artwork, pottery, lighting etc. Without any major conflicting edges or lines, modern design can handle a variety of different accent pieces. Picking the right accessories depends largely on color. Warm tones, such as reds, oranges, yellows, and neutrals, can instantly add warmth to any design. Colors can be added in many different ways; through paint, carpets, art, and accessories. When picking a color for a design, it is always important to look at all of the pieces together. It is not necessarily the goal to have every color match, as that would become visually boring, but it is important that the colors compliment each other–whether it be because they are within the same color scheme, or contrast nicely to showcase interesting focal points.

Above design by Shirry of A.S.D. Interiors

Simply put, modern design can be just as cozy as any other style of design. The key is to pay attention to the color and texture of fabric and accessories. We are accustomed to perceive a cozy home as a traditional style, hardwood floor, white molding, brick fireplace kind of design. Today, we have so many different styles of design available to us, it would be a shame to continue these preconceived perceptions of what design is cozy versus another design being cold. The outcome of a room is completely dependant on the designer and homeowner. Every style of design can achieve any kind of feeling.

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