Pick of the Month: November

This month we turn our focus to lighting. The Dandelion, designed by Richard Hutton, is a Moooi light fixture that exemplifies modern living. It’s repetative circles create a visually pleasing pattern that draws your eye within the piece entirely. Hutton placed circles not only on the outer sphere, but also on the arms that hold the imaginary sphere together. This allows the pattern to seem more 3 dimensional. It is a mistake to overlook lighting as a key design element. A light fixture can make or break a room. Lighting not only brightens the space, but can have a powerful hold on the attention of observers. It is important to make sure that a light fixture respects and upholds the design of the entire room. When selecting a light fixture, consider the angle of light that is appropriate for the space–should this be a table lamp, floor lamp, chandelier, etc. Once you have decided the right kind of fixture, it is then time to thing about size and shape. A light that is too small will make a room feel dim and unfinished. A light that is too big will overpower and drown out the rest of the design. Style and color are the most superficial, yet necessary, aspects to picking out a light fixture. The Dandelion is a great example of how little color, clean lines, and pattern can create a beautiful modern light fixture that will compliment a contemporary space nicely. The Dandelion deserves to be shown in an area that will allow its multi-dimensional shape to shine through.


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