Modern Windows on a Budget

Window coverings can add a lot to a space, and shouldn’t be overlooked just because you’re working with a small budget. Affordable drapery does not need to look cheap. Custom made drapery can be very pricey, so it is much easier to find ready-made options. Store bought drapery comes in many shapes and sizes, making it easy to find the appropriate style for your needs. Bed Bath & Beyond has a lot of great options at even better prices. One of our personal favorites is the Belmont Window Panels in faux suede. The soft material adds warmth and texture to a room, while providing a finishing touch to the over all style.

Belmont Window Panels in Coffeebean from Bed Bath & Beyond

The hardware for your window treatments are important to the detail. A fantastic option for modern design is the Modern Balance Rod from West Elm. This rod is simple but elegant; it’s clean lines adds to a modern space gracefully.

Don’t let your budget downsize your design. There are great ways to cut costs without having to cut corners.

Interior Design for Children

Kids’ rooms are becoming a major focus in the interior design world. The freedom of expression that this canvas leaves is exciting to design. Childrens’ creativity and imagination allows for a seemingly endless list of possibilities. Colors, shapes, and textures play a huge role in these designs, and embrace any space. Unique touches and detailed accents attract and entertain the eye of young children, while giving the space that extra bit of special creativity.

DucDuc brings the clean edges and lines from modern design with this Cabana Canopy Bed in white and pink. Contemporary colors and materials make for bright open spaces that grow with the child, as the space can be easily updated with evolving tastes. This canopy bed comes in a variety of colors, making it a great choice for any child.

Masongray has a much more traditional influence, as we can see with the inset colors and detailed carving in this Regency Crib. The high gloss deep blue contrasting with crisp white is pleasing to the eye, and accents the special details nicely. This piece is also available in white with green inset, and white with brown inset.

Designing a creative space is giving that unique child his/her own sanctuary to explore and grow with.