February Pick of the Month

This month we have two favorites to share with you; a lamp and a chair! These are both fantastic items at even more fantastic prices. We have found that they work nicely in many different room styles, and can add a very unique touch.

First, we have the Colletor’s Lamp from Lamps Plus. This lamp is extremely versatile, as it allows you to fill its glass cylinder with anything you want! For example, if you are designing a beach inspired room, you could easily fill this lamp with sand and shells- maybe even ones you’ve picked up yourself over the years! If you are looking for a more zen feel, we would suggest river stones, as their slight differences in texture from one another add a calming aesthetic. At $99.99 this is a find that will not only add a nice touch to the room you are working on now, but could be re-filled and moved to a new room in the future with a completely different look!

Our next pick of the month is the Socrates Leather Chair from Plummers. Available in both the “Cognac” (shown below) and the “Black Bycast Leather.” This chair has clean, unique lines that add a sophisticated touch to a contemporary room. It’s detailed stitching makes the chair feel like a steal at only $395.00! The scale is smaller making it perfect, as we find that most people tend to buy furniture that is too big for their space, making the room feel small and crowded. This intelligent design creates a chair that fits in any room without overwhelming your design. The leather is great in either color, with a beautiful grain. This chair is the perfect solution to your seating problem.

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