The Perfect Vanity Sink

There are three different types of vanity sinks; undermounted, surface mounted, and vessel sinks. An undermounted sink is a sink that goes underneath your stone or tile countertop, meaning that is below the level of your countertop. A surface mounted sink sits directly on top of the countertop, exposing the rim of the sink. And lastly a vessel sink sits fully on top of your surface, exposing not only the rim, but the entire bowl of the sink. When choosing a sink there are many factors that should take part in the decision process. For example, if you are looking at a vessel sink, take into account the height of your vanity. A vessel sink places the rim of the sink much higher than other options, and thus the vanity should respond accordingly. A surface mounted sink is the most commonly chosen, as it recquires the less treatment to the countertop since it can cover a raw cut completely. An undermounted sink demands a treated edge on the stone or tile around its opening. This creates a much cleaner, simple surface.

Today, vessel sinks are quickly becoming a popular choice. There are far more options of color, opacity, and texture when choosing a vessel sink as more of the sink is visible.

TOTO Vessel Lavatory with SanaGloss from Modern Bathroom

Sample your paint!

Never forget to sample paint before buying in large quantity! Even the best brands will have some variation from the sample chip to the actual paint on your wall. It is important to bring a small amount to your site to physically paint it in the space. You will never know how the lighting, texture of your wall, or surrounding colors will affect the look and reflection of your paint. This is especially relevent when you’re picking lighter colors, as they will change to a darker tone depending on the shadows on the space.

Quality Furniture

When buying furniture, it is important for a budget not to get in the way of the condition of a piece you are purchasing. Quality furniture is worth the extra cash, as it will end up lasting longer. The longer a piece lasts, the more value you are getting out of it. Cheap furniture may look great on the showroom floor, but will deteriorate and fall apart much quicker. In the long run, cheap furniture will end up costing you more if you have to buy a whole new piece in 3 years.

Looking for quality furniture does not necessarily mean looking for the biggest price tag. Check for things such as stitching and material. Minimal, loose, or thin threaded stitching will allow a seem to tear apart and become weak. Thin material will wear quickly, and begin to shred much faster than good quality, high thread count material. Words such as “veneer” or “laminate,” while sometimes done nicely, can often times be a sign that the manufacturer cut corners to keep the price down. Pressed cardboard with a wood veneer or laminate on top will not mirror the quality of authentic hardwood furniture.

One great place to look for quality furniture is Williams Sonoma Home. An example of this high quality is in the Nassau Coffee Table. Solid mahogany wood and split bamboo stalks make for a beautiful, sleek look. Time and effort was put into this piece, making it a fantastic option for a high quality piece in your design.

Nassau Coffee Table from Williams Sonoma Home

Modern Hardware: Emtek

Detail is everything when it comes to good design. In modern styles, design is simplistic with clean lines and angles. This does not mean that your modern space needs to be boring. Hardware can truly add that special something to a uniquely designed home. Emtek is a company that offers a wide variety of door handles and hardware; but we are particularly impressed with their Modern Collection. This collection has endless possibilities for modern and contemporary hardware ranging from bright colors to modest brushed nickel. Unique shapes and angles give these door handles their individuality that we love.

The Hercules Lever by Emtek

The Hercules Lever is a great option for a sleek design that’s far from ordinary. The detail in the handle separates this piece from the average straight-shot lever.

The Electra Blue Lever by Emtek

This lever in vibrant blue is a good choice for those making a statement with their space. It’s attention-grabbing color tells you this is far from your average design. A unique piece like this calls for a bold room.

Helios Lever by Emtek

This lever is a great selection for those using more earth tones in their design. While this is not chrome or vibrant blue, this door handle is still strongly contemporary in its form. This unique design with beautiful angles and industrial lines will nicely compliment the warmer contemporary style.

Emtek is a fantastic company for any style, but offers a unique line of modern hardware that has a design for every space. Next time you’re thinking of freshening up your design, think about new hardware from Emtek to truly make a different statement.