Quality Furniture

When buying furniture, it is important for a budget not to get in the way of the condition of a piece you are purchasing. Quality furniture is worth the extra cash, as it will end up lasting longer. The longer a piece lasts, the more value you are getting out of it. Cheap furniture may look great on the showroom floor, but will deteriorate and fall apart much quicker. In the long run, cheap furniture will end up costing you more if you have to buy a whole new piece in 3 years.

Looking for quality furniture does not necessarily mean looking for the biggest price tag. Check for things such as stitching and material. Minimal, loose, or thin threaded stitching will allow a seem to tear apart and become weak. Thin material will wear quickly, and begin to shred much faster than good quality, high thread count material. Words such as “veneer” or “laminate,” while sometimes done nicely, can often times be a sign that the manufacturer cut corners to keep the price down. Pressed cardboard with a wood veneer or laminate on top will not mirror the quality of authentic hardwood furniture.

One great place to look for quality furniture is Williams Sonoma Home. An example of this high quality is in the Nassau Coffee Table. Solid mahogany wood and split bamboo stalks make for a beautiful, sleek look. Time and effort was put into this piece, making it a fantastic option for a high quality piece in your design.

Nassau Coffee Table from Williams Sonoma Home

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