The Perfect Vanity Sink

There are three different types of vanity sinks; undermounted, surface mounted, and vessel sinks. An undermounted sink is a sink that goes underneath your stone or tile countertop, meaning that is below the level of your countertop. A surface mounted sink sits directly on top of the countertop, exposing the rim of the sink. And lastly a vessel sink sits fully on top of your surface, exposing not only the rim, but the entire bowl of the sink. When choosing a sink there are many factors that should take part in the decision process. For example, if you are looking at a vessel sink, take into account the height of your vanity. A vessel sink places the rim of the sink much higher than other options, and thus the vanity should respond accordingly. A surface mounted sink is the most commonly chosen, as it recquires the less treatment to the countertop since it can cover a raw cut completely. An undermounted sink demands a treated edge on the stone or tile around its opening. This creates a much cleaner, simple surface.

Today, vessel sinks are quickly becoming a popular choice. There are far more options of color, opacity, and texture when choosing a vessel sink as more of the sink is visible.

TOTO Vessel Lavatory with SanaGloss from Modern Bathroom

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