Converting a Space

If space is limited in your home try thinking of creative ways to still obtain that private office or extra den you’ve always wanted. Today there are many convenient ways to convert a space to an entirely different purpose. A very popular conversion is the room-to-closet change. This is one of the easiest changes you can make in your home, as the basics just include installing clothing rods and a wardrobe wall unit. The wall unit will allow for storage via shelves and drawers. For the individual looking to do this on their own, a great option for the wardrobe system are the collections from Ikea. With these, you can select from a variety of set ups that will custom create your perfect closet wall unit. It’s easy, and often much more affordable can having a custom unit designed and built from scratch.

For a quick and easy room conversion, we often see the closet-to-office. This is easily done by simply finding a desk that will fit within the dimensions of the given closet, with a chair that can be tucked under the desk without interfering with the closet door. This is a great way to create a unique space to work without taking away from any other room. For those living in small spaces, it can be difficult to find an empty space for a workplace, and a closet can often be just the right solution.

For those looking for a newfound living space, many turn to their garages. Converting a garage into a den is a great way to add a room to a home without any major construction. While this conversion is much more complicated than the previous listed, it can still provide you with quite a bit of new space. To do this correctly, you will need to remove the garage door and seal off the open space with dry wall. This can require a contractor, but will be far less costly than constructing an entirely new structure. Remember to include a functional window in this new wall to keep the room to code. Most garages have unfinished ceilings, and while this does depend on taste, the space will feel far more complete if you finish off the ceiling. Beyond those basic steps, all it takes is some new flooring, paint, and furniture!

All of the above are great ways to accommodate for your needs without any drastic construction. Converting a space can redefine your living environment, and provide new rooms where there are none!

Design in Today’s Media

Today there are many windows into the Interior Design world, but not all are entirely realistic. Current television shows depict a quick, easy, affordable design that is practically completed over night; This calls for both skipping steps and cutting corners. Many of these television shows are focused around completing an entire design project within 48 hours, for under a couple thousand dollars. In reality, designing a room takes time, detail, and patience. The old saying is true–Rome wasn’t built in a day. The design process has many steps, including, but not limited to, measurements, drafting, shopping, pricing, ordering, delivery, and installation. If any one of these steps is overlooked or rushed, the overall design could suffer greatly. This main issue with the impression these television shows make, is the time frame by which to expect a project to be completed. If you are working within a tight schedule, you will have to be more flexible with your design due to limited availability of stock. Not every item will be readily available, and many have long lead times to be delivered from remote warehouses. Ordering and shipping for an entire design project can be an extremely long process. In order for every item to arrive on the same day, you must work off of the longest shipping time out of your list. Meaning that if you are concerned with doing one final installation, many of your delivery times must be delayed. For example, even if one item can be delivered in two days, if another must wait for 4 weeks, you will have to delay the first item’s delivery. For pricing, many current media sources suggest that an entire space can be done for only a few thousand dollars. While this may be true in some cases, the outcome will not fulfill your expectations. Design is meant to be personal and unique, a quick cheap pick from giant superstores may not always suffice. What a lot of these shows and articles do not disclose is that many of their items used are donated to promote a product. For example, if a design show is working on a living room and a $2,000 couch was donated, that would explain how they keep their total price tag so low. These shows are great for those at home looking for inspiration, but their time phrame and budgets should be taken with a grain of salt. Design is a process that calls for many adjustments and details. Rushing your design, or trying to fit within an unreasonable budget, will not lead you to the beautiful space you are looking for.


Using a wallcovering is a great way to make a unique statement. It is a common misconception that wallpaper is dated, or expensive. Often times wallpaper, or wallcovering, can be similar in price, if not cheaper than paint. The beauty of using wallcovering is the wide range of texture, color, luminosity, and graphics. There is always a great selection of wallcovering options for any design space.

One of our favorite wallpapers is available at Design Your Wall. The Darcy Circular Geometric Modern pattern is a fantastic, versatile print.

Darcy Pearl Circular Geometric Wallcovering

The main cause of concern when using a wallcovering is the texture of the wall itself. An “orange peel” wall will prevent the wallcovering from sticking correctly, and create ripple texture on the actual paper. It is better to use a wallcovering on a smooth, even surface. If you are at all uncertain if your wall is suitable for wallpaper, check with a professional before spending the time and money hanging your wallcovering.