Using a wallcovering is a great way to make a unique statement. It is a common misconception that wallpaper is dated, or expensive. Often times wallpaper, or wallcovering, can be similar in price, if not cheaper than paint. The beauty of using wallcovering is the wide range of texture, color, luminosity, and graphics. There is always a great selection of wallcovering options for any design space.

One of our favorite wallpapers is available at Design Your Wall. The Darcy Circular Geometric Modern pattern is a fantastic, versatile print.

Darcy Pearl Circular Geometric Wallcovering

The main cause of concern when using a wallcovering is the texture of the wall itself. An “orange peel” wall will prevent the wallcovering from sticking correctly, and create ripple texture on the actual paper. It is better to use a wallcovering on a smooth, even surface. If you are at all uncertain if your wall is suitable for wallpaper, check with a professional before spending the time and money hanging your wallcovering.

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