Spring Design Trends

This spring’s trends reflect modern neutrals and subtle accents. We are seeing many grey tones in bedding, drapes, and rugs. This modern take on spring renewal is a drastic change from bright spring colors we’ve seen in the past. This spring we are focusing more on vibrant accent colors to pop in contrast with the subdued greys surrounding them. Modern accessories are a beautiful way to accent this style in your spring design. Unique shapes and colors can add an interesting attention piece to your space.

Stixx Bed Linens from CB2

Another trend that has been pushing its way into priority the past few years is sustainable design. We are seeing many new items coming into the market with a focus on reusable and recycled material. This is another great reflection of spring season’s renewal. Get creative with the way you stay green in your home. Being eco-conscious no longer means sacrificing design and style. Industrial-inspired furniture made from reusable materials have made an impressive entry into the design world this year. The unique contrast of industrialism with eco-friendly design has captivated both designers and home owners alike. There are many great options for the green designer today, making it easy to freshen your design while helping your environment.

This spring keep things clean, fresh, and green.

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