Light Up Your World

When designing a space, lighting is key. The right light can accentuate any area by simply being placed in the perfect location or being directed to highlight an ideal area of a room. Lighting fixtures have the ability to tie an entire space together, being that one element to completely “make” a room.
Experimenting with various light sources in one room from overhead lighting, wall lighting, backlit lighting, or simple accents can offer a sense of warmth and comfort while being visually appealing to eye.
When a room offers beautiful tones of illumination from different areas it allows for visual interest in the space. This visual interest and feeling of comfort is what ultimately keeps people wanting to return, which is ideal whether you love to entertain guests, or are a business owner with a cafe or restaurant.
There are many types of beautiful lighting fixtures to enhance any area, these are a few that have caught our eye:

M. Targetti Nuda Pendant Light from Y Lighting
Geometric Wall Sconce from Z Gallerie
Koshi Japanese Pendant from Y Lighting
Crystal Lotus Wall Sconce from Z Gallerie

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