Eye Candy

Here are a few products we are falling madly in love with by the day….

Lightstreams fused glass tile is eye-catchingly beautiful. Its stunning iridescent finish enables it to catch light at any angle in an undoubtedly interesting way. This glass tile can be applied virtually anywhere…as pavers and mosaics on the floor, tabletops, on walls, as accents and decorative wall pieces. They can even be applied in any desired pattern to form a custom picture or piece.

Lasari Flock Wallpaper by RomoFabrics

Z Gallerie Step Mirrors

Z Gallerie Couture Art Pieces A statement making art piece can quickly add a modern touch to any room. Stand it up on a mantle, or simply let it rest against a wall. Large pieces of art don’t always need to be hung up…especially these Couture pieces by Z Gallerie. Pieces such as these can easily be stood at floor level and transform a drab space to something surprisingly trendy and modern.

…we have our eye on you.

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