The Beauty In Textured Wallpaper

It’s so easy to select a wall color when redesigning or decorating an area in your home or office. Playing with color on walls is always fun. It adds a certain warmth and interest that can drastically alter the entire ambiance of a room. Textured wallpaper is a great way to add a luxurious touch to a space because not only is it visually appealing but it offers an interesting component to a wall that basic color cannot. There are so many different kinds of wallpapers and wall coverings ranging from grasscloth, bamboo reed, glass bead, and our personal favorite…lace!
Textured wallpaper is a beautiful option with so many different ways of application. Because many textured wallpapers are so dramatic, even applying it to just one wall in a space to serve as a focal point in the room is an excellent option. It balances the heaviness of the room so as to not be too overpowering, depending on the selection of wallpaper.
Another excellent option is to apply the textured wallpaper above a built-in wainscot or detail. This option also offers great balance when the selection of wallpaper is dramatic. This kind of application can offer a contemporary feel when trying to liven up a space that may be too traditional.
Finding that perfect balance to not over power a space with textured wallpaper, especially a space that may be small is key…but when that balance is found the outcome is beautiful and luxuriously stunning.

French Lace by Elitis

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