Blame Germany

In honor of the big Spain VS. Germany soccer game this week which we have been hearing so much about, we decided to devote a blog to one of the wonders of Germany…(other than their soccer team).
Besides being phenomenal in athletics, creating some of the best vehicles on the road, and housing some of the most iconic architects and architecture in history (take Walter Gropius and the Bauhaus for example)
Germany is also responsible for developing some of the most luxurious faucets and plumbing fixtures known to mankind…seriously.

all products by HANSGROHE

Although the make of these high end fixtures are unique and completely exquisite, that luxury comes at a price…literally and figuratively. Priced fairly high in most cases, the real problem with these German made plumbing fixtures is that contractors usually have severe difficulty installing them in an american project. These products are famously constructed in a unique way that makes it near impossible for installation without an installer skilled in specialized applications.

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