The Interior Design Industry…Vendors and Interior Designers

I don’t understand why the Interior Design industry and all of its related vendors do not work together as one collaborative unit. I think about this a lot especially when I reflect on other industries. It seems like our industry does nothing to help out one another or promote using one another services. It is very common for a customer to shop at a retail furniture store and for that store to offer “Interior Design” services as a free service they have. This is not fare for those of us who are educated in this field and have the ability to provide a real design service. A customer would never go to a florist for their wedding and have them offer cake making and wedding planning as well, right? So why is it that our industry, which depends so much on us generating business for our vendors, disrespect us in this way? There seems to be a very select few who give respect to designers and allow us to do the designing. I think this is something that needs to take more shape in our industry. For example, why does a contractor take on the role as designer? I would never expect a chef to also take on the role of head waiter!!

One thought on “The Interior Design Industry…Vendors and Interior Designers

  1. I agree with this completely. But sadly as a recently new graduate it has been hard to find a reputable work in a firm because jobs are scarce. Especially if you are not in a city that has a market for interior designers. I know many people in this situation. So instead of sitting out for a while it is often more ideal to look for a furniture showroom or something of the like for employment. This just adds to the problem though because potential clients end up going to these places because it is cheaper. To solve this our industry altogether needs to be more open to working together instead of being so competitive all the time.

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