The Beauty of Benches

A piece of furniture as simple as a bench not only provides functionality, but also delivers the perfect accent piece without breaking the bank. It can add a spice of personality and a decorator’s touch to any living room, entryway, dining room, or bedroom, and the best part about benches is that they are multi-functional. Not only do benches serve as extra seating, but they may also provide storage as well as an alternative to many common pieces of furniture found throughout the home. With or without cushions, benches may be cushy and comfortable, or provide a flat surface and give extra table space. What is also great about these simple pieces of furniture is that they are usually lightweight and can be moved around easily. For carefree move ability, adding felt pads to the bottom of the legs prevents them from scratching the floor or any surface. Some great examples include:

1. Bedroom

Bedrooms have become not only a place to sleep, but also a relaxing refuge. Many people are enjoying spending more time in their bedrooms and, space allowing, often use the area as a sitting room. Not only do benches enhance the appearance of the space, but as an added convenience, they also serve as an area to get ready for work in the morning or for bed at night. For more variation, try pairing together two smaller benches.

2. Entryway

Placing a bench in your front entry not only enhances your space, but also serves a variety of functions. Whether you are getting ready to leave the house and need somewhere to put your shoes on, or just somewhere to gather your things before departing for the day, a bench by your front door provides a plethora of functions. A bench in your entryway, or even a mudroom, is also a great place to add additional storage for coats, shoes, and any other item you might need to put away. Often some benches even have seats that can be lifted to reveal more storage inside.

3. Dining Room

Try mixing it up at your dining room table. A bench can also work well along one side of a table instead of chairs.

4. Living Room

The living room is a great place for a bench. An excellent option is to use it as a coffee table, or pick another area in the room to feature its functionality (for example, behind the couch in the above picture).

2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Benches

  1. Brilliant ideas! I always thought the style of putting a bench on one side of the dining table alongside other chairs can only be suitable for restaurants and dine-in cafes… Your image here proved me wrong and I can actually try this at home.

  2. I would say along the entry way would be really useful. Not only can you sit on it while putting your boots on or taking them off as a first thing you do as you arrive – you can also just put your bags or books on it instead of the typical table top.


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