What is my design style?

I am often asked the question: “What is your design style?”
Well as a designer, this is a very abstract question and it is hard to pin point. There are elements of all different styles that I can appreciate and that I love to incorporate into my work for my clients. I can’t use my home as an example of “My Style” because it is forever evolving and does not have a permanent look to it.
Often in the interior design industry, clients will seek out a designer that they feel speaks to their personal style and has an attraction to their designs based upon past work. But I don’t necessarily work that way. I create a custom look for each client based upon what they like. When people are looking through my portfolio of work, they will see that I have done rooms which are contemporary, modern, eclectic, traditional etc. It’s all within my repertoire of design and at all comes from what I reveal about my client. Maybe that’s part of running my business and my ability to adapt to what my client wants. After all, they are the end user and I don’t think it is right for me to dump “my style” upon them.
But I guess if I really had to narrow it down and think about what I feel represents me, I would say it is a mix of modern sensibility with a few touches of unique and slightly worn finds. It is a room that has personality and character without feeling old. Still very fresh and up to date, but it makes you want to go inside and take a deeper look…. a Curious room 🙂

My Portfolio:

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