Color of the Month: Yellow

Nothing brightens up a dull room like the color yellow! Now that we have left the summer months far behind (although the current 90 degree Los Angeles weather may beg to differ), it is time to embrace the fall colors. Reds and oranges pair perfectly with yellow and a splash of color is guaranteed to enhance an already existing space. Adding yellow accessory pieces is also a great way to change the look of a room without dipping into your penny jar. As the days get darker, yellow is the perfect color to remind us of the sun. The color signifies warmth and happiness and is believed, by color researchers, to increase self-esteem and strengthen overall well-being. In fact, we use yellow more than we realize. Painting the color of your wall cream is really yellow tinted with white. Very popular, cream is friendlier than white and gives a warm feeling to a room. Try painting your walls yellow or reupholster a key piece of furniture. If you are a little hesitant, try using strong, bright yellows in moderation to accent a room. Whether you are painting the walls or combining with other colors, yellow will give you the perfect pop of color to compliment any area of the home.

Here are two great examples of brightly painted yellow walls:

Even the White House loves yellow! Check out the Yellow Oval Room:

Note how yellow really brings out the red fall tones and brightens the space:

Accent a room with throw pillows, wall art, or switch out your dining chairs for yellow upholstery to add a punch of color:

Some fun yellow accessories for inspiration:

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