5 Ideas for Organization

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Now is the perfect time of the year to start organizing! File away your 2010 paperwork and put your clutter in order so that you are ready for a fresh start come the new year. No matter how you choose to organize, the most important thing to remember is that everything needs a place of its own. Today, there are many great options for all types of organizing. Forget those shoes boxes; organizing can be functional and beautiful at the same time.

1. Put Your Bathroom in Order

Pottery Barn Blue Beach Bath Accessories
The bathroom is full of many accessories that often come in unattractive packaging. First, take all of your small items, such as cotton balls, swabs, etc., out of the packaging. Purchase a few small containers and places the items inside. A lot of beautiful sets are available (like the one to the right) and really bring sophistication to the space. Not only is it visually more appealing, but these types of containers truly organize a space. Notice that you can also take liquid soap out of its packaging as well and place it in an attractive, matching bottle.

The Container Store Clear Acrylic Tote
The Container Store Bamboo Drawer Organizer
For items that are not on the countertop, begin by dividing the items by category. Place all of your medicine together and put in a waterproof container. This way, all of the items stay together and you can place the container on any shelf. Gather your hairbrushes, pins, and ties and put in a separate container as well. The items to the right and left are also great for drawer organization and miscellaneous bottles.

2. Find Beautiful Containers

Crate and Barrel Woven Lidded Totes
With so many options available, organizing can look great as well as be functional. Especially if you are short on hidden storage space, it is important to choose attractive pieces. Whether you are storing paperwork, family photos, CDs, DVDs, or anything else you can think, the perfect storage container is always available. Boxes come in leather, woven materials, colored fiberboard, aluminum, and many other materials. These are a great alternative to plastic containers or cardboard boxes. Also try experimenting with closed and open boxes. Storage containers that hold magazines or pictures might serve better as open, such as a basket or an antique crate.

3. De-Clutter Your Desk

Crate and Barrel Mini Slanted Jar
Easy to leave a mess, your desk space if one of the most essential places to keep organized.
West Elm White Lacquer Desk Accessories
With so many materials (pens, pencils, paper, paperclips, rubber bands) floating around and important documents, it is necessary for every item to have a home. For smaller items, like paperclips, try using mini containers on your desktop. Not only are your materials easily accessible, but you now have a creative looking display. Make sure all of your documents, magazines, and other paper items have a designated space as well. If you have a paper heavy desk, try using stacking trays. If you are someone that needs your information displayed in front you, try this great wall organizational system. This also lifts a lot of clutter off your desk and onto the wall in an organized manner.

Pottery Barn Organizational Wall System

4. Cabinet Control

The Container Store Lower Cabinet Drawer
Just because most people do not see behind your cabinet doors, does not mean they do not have to be organized. No matter what room of the home, all cabinet space should be used to its full potential. Unless you have remodeled your kitchen and have designed your cabinets to their full potential, often a lot of shelf space goes un-used. It is common to find that many of your appliances or dishes are inconvenient to reach due to the depth of the cabinet. For your lower cabinets, try installing a pull-out shelf for a more reachable and organized space.
The Container Store Upper Cabinet Shelf
For your upper cabinets, make sure that every inch of your cabinet is being used as well. If you have empty shelf space, use these great portable shelves for an easy solution.

It is also easy to pile a large amount of small jars on your shelf and not even realize what is inside anymore. To solve this problem, use a tiered shelf so that all your food items are visible.

5. Do Not Be Afraid to Label

No joke. If you do not already own a label machine, it will be your new best friend. Practically anything can be labeled and it is by far the most useful organizational tool anyone can have. Not only will your items be properly categorized but it is also the cleanest, streamline look one can have when it comes to creating labels. When using a label machine, it is also easy to place labels on top of each other. This is an added convenience when it comes time to re-label an item.

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