Affordable Ways To Give Your Home A Classic Look: Save Money & Add Style

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It’s that time of the year again, when you say bye bye to the past year and welcome the new one. You are thinking to remodel your home for the New Year as a resolution. It is understandable that you might not have a big budget to completely remodel or redecorate your house. But there are a few things you can do that will save you some money and make your house look brand new. You are a home owner, and you need to remodel…let’s say restore your house. There are plenty of things you will need to get and you may want to hire a professional to do all the handy work.

Collect all of your ideas first by browsing magazines or search for interior design ideas on the web. What kind of style does your home currently have and what would you like to change it to?

You should make out a plan. Ask yourself questions like how much you can afford right at this point to add a face-lift to your house. Choose what you want changed – the interior or the exterior. If it’s the interior, gather your kitchen design ideas, bedroom design ideas or any other room ideas first. Try taking baby steps and don’t get overwhelmed to completely go overboard and do all the remodeling yourself. Professionals are out there to help you every step of the way. All you need to know is how big your budget is and what you are planning on redecorating.

Most people just get an exterior paint job done to their houses. It is understandable that it will look clean from the outside, but what about the inside. Is it just as appealing? Organize everything, and first make a budget for your paint job. You know that the walls need some lighting up, so give it a shot and put your thinking cap on.

Pick out a color, well a few colors for the different rooms in your house. Having the same color of every room is old and makes the house look very bland from the inside. Choose bright colors for a start. Brighter colors open the room and give it a more contemporary dash of elegance. You should think about color coordinating walls in a single room. Try to select a different color for the ceiling perhaps. You don’t want your bedroom or other room to look like a closed box. It is your thinking space, so think out of the box.

Check all the big pieces in your house, like furniture, shelves, wardrobes and tables. If you think that they can be repaired rather than changed, do it! This way you will save a bunch of money and save for something that is more needed. You can update your furniture, reupholster your couches and stain the woodwork and they will look new in no time. The best thing about wood is that once it is polished and back to being glossy, people will assume that it is brand new. The same option goes for your flooring if you have wooden flooring around the house.

If you are not up for a new paint job in your bedroom, go out to simple art galleries or stores that offer pieces of artwork. You don’t need the original Mona Lisa on your wall to add luxury. You can always get superb pieces of artwork, and they will go perfect with your room. If you choose more abstract pictures or paintings, they may very well add life to your bedroom or living room.

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One thought on “Affordable Ways To Give Your Home A Classic Look: Save Money & Add Style

  1. It doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot of money to make big changes. Sometimes just some layout changes are all that is needed to really liven up a space.

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