I can lead you to great design, but I can’t MAKE you love it.

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I really thought about that old quote the other day, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink it.” when my client blamed me for selecting the wrong paint color! And I thought to myself: HUH, what went wrong here?

Before the walls were painted my client gave me a magazine picture of what she wanted. I matched the paint color based on the overall style of the room, and did a few test samples for her to approve. Then once I got her approval on a color, I had my painters go ahead and paint the place.
However, I got a call that same day and the client hated the color! So I drove there at 7am the next morning to see what had happened. I walked in a bit confused because the color looked beautiful and it was exactly what I had planned for the design, but she was not happy with it.

Well obviously I want my clients to love the selections I make, whether it’s paint or furniture, and so I told her that I would try some other samples and reselect.

After weeks of testing samples, my client selected a color she liked. We had it painted and she was thrilled with the color. Keep in mind that this color hadn’t related AT ALL to the color from the magazine clip she originally showed me.

I remember this from Patti Stanger on’ “The Millionaire Matchmaker”. She always talks about how she can bring the perfect woman to you, but she can’t force you to fall in love with her, especially if you are not open to changing your old ways.

So to go back to my title of this blog…here is what I am talking about. Sometimes you hire a professional with the intensions of letting them do their job. In my case, I create the complete vision for a space down to every last detail. I guess what happened here is a case of not being ready to accept someone else making decisions and not willing to give up the control. Therefore I can’t expect each client to fall in love with what I create for them…C’est la vie!

4 thoughts on “I can lead you to great design, but I can’t MAKE you love it.

  1. Clients are like men…you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them. I have a client that I have worked with on several homes but in the beginning she felt compelled to make at least one decision on her own and disregard my advice and to this day she will tell anyone who will listen that she learned, the hard and expensive way , that it is important to listen to those experts you are paying. some clients just dont fel right about giving up what they deem as control over their homes and all we as designers can do is be there to fix it for them when they are unhappy down the road.

  2. Personally, I loved relinquishing control to you! Your design vision and the final outcome were perfect! I feel the same way about my hair stylist. I don’t want to have to explain in detail what I want. Just make it beautiful!

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