A quick (and fun) guide to our TOP 15 decorating DONT’S – And how to fix them!

If you are a new home owner, or are you looking to spruce up your current place? Here is a quick tip guide to some things you shouldn’t do, and how to fix them!

1. Mini area rugs – If you’re unsure of the size, always go bigger!
2. Top of the toilet tank – this is not a place for potpourri or tissue paper boxes, leave it alone!
3. No headboards – For those of you out of college, please get an adult bed that has a headboard. Long gone are the days of pushing your bed against the wall.
4. Crooked pictures – place a bit of earthquake putty on the bottom 2 corners to keep them straight.
5. Dead plants – either water them or get new ones.
6. Wall to wall bathroom carpet – It’s gross and collects mold. If you have a bathroom with carpet, consider a DIY project for the weekend to remove it and put in some tile.
7. Fake fruit in a bowl – Please, just go buy a bunch of green apples or lemons, inexpensive and edible!

A.S.D. Interiors

8. Matchy Matchy furniture – Not everything needs to be a set. It looks much more interesting and thoughtful if you pair up different finishes and colors.
9. Huge speakers – If the speakers are taller than waste height, they’re too big!
10. Small art on a large wall – think about the scale of the wall before hanging artwork. The artwork should take up at least 60% of the width of the wall.
11. Oversized furniture – scale is everything! Remember that a small spaces need smaller scaled furniture.
12. Mismatched door hardware – Brass on the inside and chrome on the outside, really?? Can we make them the same finish please?
13. No contrast in color – It’s so sad to see a room that all the same color from floor, to cabinets, to furniture and art. One of the most beautiful elements of a well designed room is the contrast in color.
14. Toilet lid covers – Especially the fuzzy ones. If you have one of these, PLEASE throw it away today.
15. Unorganized open shelving – If you have no way to hide your STUFF, at least make it organized and pleasant to look at. It will bring clarity to your mind every time you look at them.

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