Do You Love Your Bedroom?

Guest Post By: Nancy Del Santo
Interior Designer Secrets For Creating Your Dream Master Suite
Founder ~ AskDecor

Your master bedroom should be one of the BEST rooms in your house. Too often, it’s an after thought. Change that today with these 4 interior designer secrets and fall in love with your master bedroom.

1. When you walk into the room, your eyes should immediately focus on a gorgeous bed.
To make a grand statement, we try to have the bed facing you when you enter the room. Don’t be afraid of windows. We’ve put beds in front of windows and we’ve camouflaged poorly placed windows with a “wall of fabric” when necessary to achieve this goal.
Once we have the bed placed in the room, it’s time to have fun selecting a wonderful headboard, bed frame or canopy. Which one for you? Look at pictures in magazines and online to see if you prefer wood, fabric, metal, or a painted finish. Remember that you’ll have the bed a long time so buy once, buy better, and buy a more classic style.

2. Your bedding should feel luxurious.
There are some wonderful companies that make fabulous bedding. Rather than look at thread count, we recommend that you do the touch test.
Along with luxurious sheets, add some color and texture to your bed. We like to do this with a custom-made bed skirt, beautiful pillows, and a fabulous throw or duvet cover for the bed. Typically, we mix patterns and textures to make each of these items interesting.

3. The colors in your master bedroom should make you look fabulous.
Look to your wardrobe and recall when you get compliments. Which makeup hues look best on you?
Paint the walls a restful color that compliments your skin tone. Or find great wallpaper that does the same.
Be aware that bold, energetic colors may keep you awake at night. If you love these colors, consider introducing them in smaller ways in your bedroom or in grey tinted tones that are more restful versions of the colors you love.
Install lighting throughout the room to enhance the colors. Install dimmers to help create mood lighting.
Mix up the type of lighting in your master bedroom. If you have the ceiling height, consider a chandelier. It is an instant mood enhancer. You can also consider using pendants over your nightstands or over a seating area.

4. No matter how small you master bedroom might be, create the illusion of space.
Consider putting drawers inside your closets or having built-ins made to maximize storage without cluttering the room with furniture.
Size your nightstands to what is appropriate to the room. If your room is really small, float the nightstands off the floor.
Personalize your room with things that are important to you but get rid of all that extra stuff that makes a room feel cluttered. Remember, this is your retreat from the world. Don’t let a messy stack of papers detract from the spa-like feeling you are trying to inspire.

About the author:
Nancy Del Santo is founder of AskDecor, an interior design firm offering online programs to help you create your perfect home. Go to and sign up for our free guide showing the best online shopping for your home.

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