A small part of our home’s “personality”

Everyone has different tastes for their homes, and how they would like to go about with the details of their homes. Have you ever wondered how people come up with some of those unique ideas for either that interesting bookshelf or that weird fireplace? How about the mailboxes and house numbers? An interesting mailbox can make our day, and a terrible mailbox can make us find a new route to work.

Architects now are becoming more contemporary with every detail of their design-including the mailbox and house number. House numbers are the final touch for the front exterior elevation of a home, and if they aren’t in synchornization with the rest of the design that can ruin the entire design. Designers are coming up with more and more ideas to make sure that there is access to elegant and appropriate house numbers which go with the times as well as the designs.

These mackintosh house numbers are elegant and suave.
These house numbers are clean and different for someone looking for something simple and unique.
These contemporary house numbers are modern and subtle.

Another detail which is crucial to homes is the mailbox. Sometimes, it’s great to be driving and to suddenly see a random pig or parrot perched in front of a house to greet the mail man every day. For those who might not be as into the “subjective” mailbox (the car, the parrot, the hand with the cigarette butt to put mail in…the list goes on…) there are fantastic contemporary mailboxes now available to add that final and complete touch to our homes.

This mailbox is the perfect finishing for a very unique design.
This modern mailbox looks clean and elegant, and it goes with the times.
This red mailbox is the perfect size and shape for today's designs

Would you prefer a contemporary mailbox or a unique mailbox? What about house numbers?

One thought on “A small part of our home’s “personality”

  1. I am always amazed that many people will go to great care and expense with the design and decor of their home and then put a cheap and tasteless house number or mailbox on the exterior!

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