Check out my latest bathroom remodel…

I just finished a lovely contemporary bathroom remodel in the heart of Hollywood. It was such a fun project!! It was the master bathroom of the house at a mini 4′-6″ W x 9′-0″L. Yes, MASTER BATH!! But, I was up for the challenge and I knew I could do something beautiful for my clients.

As I approached this design, I knew I needed to be smart about the materials I selected and also to use lighting in a way that would highlight the positive features of the bathroom. I chose to use a mixture of modern “spa like” materials such as the grey floor pebbles in the shower and walls, along with a “wave” style porcelain tile. Then I chose to combine a white Carerra Marble detail as a 4″ border that wrapped around the floor. I highlight this border with a floating vanity and accent light below it to give a nice glow. Here are some snapshots of what I designed.

A.S.D. Interiors Contemporary Master bathroom remodel...project snapshots!!

Along with mixing materials, I wanted to add a few features that you would normally find in a hotel. I chose a mirror with built in vanity lighting as opposed to have a light fixture sitting above the mirror and I also installed 2 LED mini wall sconces for the interior of the shower (take a look at the pictures with the teak bench). These are great accents and act as a wonderful night light!! Other details include a slim line toilet with a sleek shape, all the bells and whistles of a master bath shower, a floor to ceiling frameless glass enclosure, and a wall mounted vanity faucet to accompany the solid granite sink!

Lots of details in this small bathroom, but each one serving a purpose and something for my clients to enjoy at the end of every day!

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