Latest project update: Little details which can make a big difference…

I’m sharing some pictures of a project I worked on in which I used a lot of small details to change the atmosphere of an entire space. It wasn’t a complete makeover, but more like a “freshen up” for my client. My challenge was to find ways to update the room with pieces that could keep the traditional atmosphere, while adding a small hint of contemporary detail.

Overall view of the living and dining room.

Above is a picture of the living room, looking towards the dining room. I selected a beautiful pendant light fixture to glow above the dining area as well as added two tall floor lamps with white scrolled bases to flank the large white sofa. This adds balance and height to the sofa area. You may also notice the contemporary blue artwork in the dining area. The colors of these beautiful pieces added to the accents in the living area, but gave it a modern touch.

On the sofa I have decorative cushions to match the color in the rug’s design. This added some more balance to the room as it added another layer off my accent color. I carefully chose dining chairs which matched both the white sofa and the brown chairs. They have lovely linen upholstery with beautiful nail head details and diamond tufting. This accentuated the traditional elements of the space and makes the dining area look more elegant. Lots of flowers and candles throughout the room add a gentle touch, and give the room a fresh feel.

Details of the coffee table and area rug.

One of my favorite pieces was the oval glass coffee table I used in the living area. Not only is it a very fluid shape to move around, but I also love it because of the mirror at the base which reflects light and adds to the glow of the room. I sprinkled it with candles and flowers to give it a casual, natural feeling. I feel that books often make a good selection of table top items, because they can provide guests with something to look at while you might be busy.

View from the dining area

In this picture you can see the small details which I’ve included on the dining room table. I used white plates to set the dining area and then one small blue plate to coordinate the two main colors in the room. I used different flowers for the centerpiece and added a mix of porcelain china to give the table some variety and more natural colors. I used a white runner down the center table to give the table a clean, pristine feel. Above is the gorgeous light fixture which has details of hanging crystal. The drapes are a softer gray with contemporary lines framing each window, adding height to the space, and create the continuity between this elegant living and dining area.

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