Light and Airy Kitchen

Today I’m sharing with you the pictures from my clients recently renovated kitchen. I’ve included some tips and easy ideas when designing a light and airy kitchen space.
Above is a close up shot of the small empty corner they had in the kitchen which I turned into a little breakfast spot. I installed a beautiful glass light fixture over a white table and sleek stainless steel chairs. A piece of modern art bringing in some color makes this a perfectly cozy spot for breakfast snack.I used a light color palette to accentuate all of the light in the kitchen. Although the kitchen wasn’t HUGE to start out with, I highlighted its best features…. A fantastic skylight and high ceilings!!

Originally this kitchen had the laundry machines and water heater taken up the majority of the space. So in its place I’ve built in a large butler’s pantry for additional wine storage as well as this glass door pantry where the old water heater used to sit. The original floor plan also had two corners in the kitchen taking up useful space due to closets on the opposite side of the wall. Luckily, we were able to completely remove those closet spaces and make the cabinetry continue without any unwanted interruptions! Check out these BEFORE photos… I warn you the difference is shocking!

As you can see, the corner where there is unproductive space!

Okay, now back to the pretty stuff! To keep this style contemporary and clean, I used Shaker Cabinetry Doors finished in a fresh, bright white. The muted color palette was chosen to highlight the light, bright and airy feel I hoping to achieve. To get an airy look, frosted glass was chosen for parts of the pantry. A few added touches of decor gave this kitchen a personilzed finished on the remodeling.

Other materials in this kitchen include porcelain tiled flooring. The various colors of the floor work well with the lightness of the kitchen but also bring contrast to the space.

I used stainless steel appliances to complete the contemporary look of the kitchen. Not only that, but the appliances completement the stainless steel chairs in the sitting area.

For the backsplash, glass tile in a fresh green hue was placed to complement the breeziness of this newly renovated kitchen.

Doesn’t this space make you want to sit down and enjoy a fresh glass of lemonade!?

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