Bar Is Open! 5 perfect bar options for your home…

As an Interior Designer, I am constantly asked, “How can I make this space better for entertaining?” There are several ways to do so, to create a functional and fun environment for yourself and your guests. Today, many retail stores are providing bars that can provide all your needs that a built-in bar can provide. Below, we have shared with you a few of our favorites, why we like them and where to get these pieces!

Above is a West Elm bar cabinet, great for storage and pleasing to the eye. Here at A.S.D. we love the fact that it has a top shelf for decorative items and room for the items your currently using. Put out at tray of cheese and crackers with your wine and you are set for the night! They both have storage for up to 15 hanging stemmed glasses and 12 cubicles to store liquor and mixers!

The Curved Front Bar above is inspired by an Art Deco design. We love this look because it is classy and has the ability to fit into a wide variety of homes. The storage space is amazing, capable of holding 10-15 wine glasses adjustable shelves, and side cabinetry. A beautiful bouquet of hydrangeas would be the perfect touch to this piece.

Restoration Hardware has come out with what they call “Vintage Wallpaper Factory Bar Cart”. Although this cart doesn’t have at much storage as the others, its charm makes up for it. This piece will have everyone talking, especially when you serve your guests a glass or two of wine with it!

Above is The Monaco Bar Cabinet that can be found at Crate&Barrel. This highly functional cabinet has shelving capable of holding 40 bottles! What’s not to love?? This walnut finish and ribbed detail on the front is the perfect addition to your living and dining room spaces.

Crate&Barrel has another great piece called the Marin Bar Cabinet. A combination of Asian inspiration as well as mid century modern was put into the furniture piece. The weathered elm gives it more natural look. The interior is full of surprises including built in shelving of all sizes on the doors and in the center for your bar ware and bottles. We love how the shelves are adjustable and the top has hooks for hanging stemware!

These pieces will complement your entertaining spaces very well AND are perfectly handy for the holiday season that is soon approaching.

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