HGTV’s Design Wars…

HGTV's premiere of Design Wars

Thank you so much HGTV and the Kernell Family for letting me into your home to design a new family room for you!! What a fantastic experience! You are such a deserving family and I was thrilled to have designed a space for your family to grow in and enjoy for years to come!!

Below I’m sharing some of the details about the family room I designed on the show…I will be posting a follow up blog with images from the master bedroom shortly 🙂

There is so much that goes into the process of designing a space. Although on TV it seems to come together like magic (and we all love a little bit of TV magic) I wanted to share a few details of how I transformed this family room. I started with family as my inspiration!! They are young, vibrant, and full of positive energy and I wanted to capture that in the design. So COLOR was my main focus! You will see below the rendering I did along with a material board of all the furniture I selected. With three young children, it was so important to make sure the furniture was kid friendly and extremely durable.

Shirry Dolgin HGTV "Design Wars"
Shirry Dolgin HGTV "Design Wars" Concept Board

Once I selected my furniture floor plan for the space, I then nailed down the color palette of burnt orange, charcoal grey, and a combination of deep green and blue tones. One of the jumping off points for this color palette was the 3 series art piece I placed on the wall above the sofa. Art is always a great jumping off point to find your color palette!! I quickly realized that lighting was an issue in the room and that’s why I decided to hang 2 contemporary pendant lights over the main portion of the furniture. I was able to to this because the room was tall enough to allow for the height of the light fixtures. I could have opted for recessed lighting, but I wanted to add something more visual from above!

Next it was decision time to figure out what to do with their old fireplace, which was looking out of date a really drab. Keep in mind I was on a budget and a time frame, so I needed to find a way to pull the colors together without breaking the bank! I chose to paint the accent “orange” in the fireplace niche to draw up the color orange which is present in the area rug. Then I painted the charcoal grey over the existing brick to make that part of the room feel more contemporary. Lastly, I sprinkles the room with wonderful family pictures, colorful accents, and furniture that’s multifunctional to serve this family and their daily needs.

Snap Shot of HGTV Design Wars family room design by Shirry Dolgin
Snap Shot of HGTV Design Wars family room design by Shirry Dolgin

Thanks again to HGTV and the Kernell Family for this great experience! You all rock!

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