Inside Scoop on HGTV Design Wars – Episode 4

Thank you SO much Cohen family and HGTV for letting me into your home and selecting me to design the wreck room for the girls!! It was such a fun room to design and I’m so happy to have been given the opportunity to do this for you all. For those who missed Episode 4 of Design Wars on HGTV, or if you are looking for a re-cap, below are images and some info that I wanted to share.

HGTV Episode 4 - Design Wars - Designed by Shirry Dolgin

The goal was to take an unused space and transform it into a youthful and fun place for the girls to enjoy with their friends, have sleep overs, and just hang out! Here is the sketch I did of my design and below are some additional pictures of the final room.

Sketch for the wreck room
Sketch for the wreck room

It was important to carry the spirit of these energetic girls in the room. I did this through the bright color scheme, flocked magenta wallpaper, stripped purple area rug, and the chartreuse drapes and desk chairs. I balanced all this color with the bright white desks & locker storage, white mirrors, and the glass chandelier. They girls are super active and play tons of sports, but they also take part in activities such as arts and crafts and watching movies with all their friends. Therefore, this room needed to have A LOT of functionality. When laying out the space plan, the first thing I decided was to dedicate a desk space for each of them so that they wouldn’t have to worry about sharing the coveted computer time! While designing the rest of the floor plan and selecting the furniture, I chose multifunctional seating, and kept in mind size, weight, and storage! These were important in selecting the final pieces.

I sprinkled things all around the room that the girls would use for inspiration and added elements such as the chalkboard wall where they could draw and write note, and the open shelves above their desks to display family photos and other awards and trophies. All in all, the room needed to be fun!

Chalk board wall
Flocked wallpaper and accessories

Hope you enjoyed the design and the show! I would love to hear your feedback! So feel free to comment or email me directly. If you missed the show, I’ll be posting a small clip of it on Youtube in a few days, so check back in for it!

2 thoughts on “Inside Scoop on HGTV Design Wars – Episode 4

  1. Shirry
    we still love the room. If we could we would hire you for every room in our house. Your ideas are amazing. We hope to use you again soon. The girls want there bedrooms redone. Hope all is well with you. You are brillant and we wish you all the best

    1. Hi Julie,

      It was my absolute pleasure!!! I’m so glad that the girls are enjoying the room!! Whenever you guys are ready I am more than happy to design the girls bedroom 🙂 let’s meet so we can chat about it.

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