Define YOUR Interior Style!

Do you know your style?

Everyday we are out in the world discovering and learning new things about ourselves. With these experiences we narrow down our loves, likes and dislikes and are able to make decisions about what environment we should surround ourselves with. However, with so many options out there, it can become overwhelming and challenging to define an interior style that works BEST for you.One of the biggest problems clients have is defining their style. Many people know certain things they like but cannot paint the entire picture. This is usually where we come in and help organize your ideas! The interior design of your home should be a reflection of who you are. Start to notice the things you gravitate towards…

  1. What kind of music, movies & books do you like?
  2. How do you fill up your freetime?
  3. Colors? Do you like cool, bright, warm or neutrals?
  4. How do you dress or present yourself?

These are all important factors to consider for inspiration while designing your home. Another helpful hint is to do your research! Look through magazines, the internet and books to get an idea of the style you feel represents you and your life the best. Also, get to know what styles are out there! Some of the more popular styles are Mid Century Modern, Contemporary, Coastal, Traditional, Shabby Chic, Art Deco… the list goes on and on! Check out this HGTV  article for accurate pictures and definitions of each interior design style.

One of the last and best ways to help define your style is to decide what materials to use. Each interior design style has specific elements that make it what it is. For example, glass and polished streamlined furniture would typically fall under the category of Modern Design. Consider what you like about certain spaces- is it the reflective furniture? Distressed wood flooring? Sheer linen drapery? Take notice in the details and it will help you decide what to include in your home!!

Check out a few of our favorite styles below!
Mid Century Modern from Pinterest