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Shirry Dolgin: Owner of the Los Angeles based interior design company A.S.D. Interiors. Specializing in modern and contemporary interior design and remodeling.

All About Yellow: Living Room

Yellow has many associations such as sunny days, sunflowers, spring time, happy faces, and so many more. We love color at ASD Interiors and Yellow is our focus today! As a color in a space, it can have positive effects as well.  This sunny hue is known for representing creativity, optimism, happiness, and enlightenment.

Below we will help inspire you how to use this cheery color in your own living room!

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Yellow creates warmth and can also brighten up a room.  Designing a living room with yellow hues can create an inviting and open space.  Because a living room is typically a place for gathering with company and friends, this inviting color will surely entice your guests.  It can also be paired with great accent colors.  One of our favorite color combinations is grey with yellow!

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Grammy’s 2015 and the Hottest Furniture Trends in One

Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought to yourself, ‘I want my outfit to match my living room!’? If not, it is something to try.  That sort of experiment opens up our creativity and helps us understand our space better. Go ahead, don’t be shy.

We went ahead and tried it out based off of what artists wore to the Grammy’s, which is a place for them to truly express themselves through fashion.

Screenshot (153)

Taylor Swift rocked the blues, a beautiful color that calms the mind and soothes our souls.  A perfect color for an interior as well.  We matched her dress with a beautiful Z Gallerie vase, agate bookends, and some fun Dot&Bo furniture.  The colors create a relaxed environment, a true get away.

Screenshot (148)

Joy Villa expressed herself this year at the Grammy’s with texture and color…and lots of it.  We chose a Dot&Bo side table that carries some texture and color as well a similar shape as the dress.  The clock’s design is loud in texture but calm in color to help balance the loudness of the orange.

Screenshot (147)

Sia is keeping it sophisticated.  Black and white a combination that is minimal yet so strong.

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The Beauty of Rust

Rust comes from the oxidation of iron.  Its really a beautiful color and brings warmth into a space.  The word’s etymological origins comes from the Germanic word rusta which mean ‘redness’. The color comes from the red family is a very passionate color and charges the space bringing in lots of energy. Rust is also in the orange range which represents warmth, fun, fire and the sun. Orange increases the oxygen in the brain and helps stimulate brain activity.

Pleasing color schemes using rust involve turquoise, brown, grey, purple and cream; It creates a soothing sanctuary.  Here are some examples of breathtaking rust color pallets:

Cybil+1+Light+Double+Gourd+Table+Lamp de6c5d98013ec72b557d422d4b23323d

Rust is the This magical color can be anywhere in the house. Here are some examples of rust throughout the home.

Screenshot (15) Screenshot (13) Screenshot (12) Screenshot (17) Screenshot (16)

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Pattern 101

Many people find incorporating pattern into interior environments difficult. It can easily overwhelm a space if you use too much pattern or don’t use it correctly. And trying to mix and match patterns can be very daunting – but it doesn’t have to be!

Whether it be a commercial or residential interior, pattern can be applied using wall coverings, tile, fabrics and upholstery, and other graphic elements. You can also use pattern to convey a design style and/or to add visual interest to a space. In order to successfully apply pattern to your space you must first understand the different types of patterns, and secondly how to mix and match them with other design elements.

Geometric Patterns:  Patterns formed by geometric shapes, typically repeated.  Geometric patterns can be used to complement modern, contemporary, and transitional spaces and complement other types of patterns well.

Seamless geometric pattern in op art design.

Organic Patterns: Organic patterns are the opposite of geometric patterns in that they utilize soft lines, shapes, and curves instead of straight lines and rigid shapes. Organic patterns often consist of floral patterns and animal prints. Organic patterns work well in traditional interiors but also in modern and contemporary ones as well.


Motif Patterns: Recurring shapes, forms and figures. Motif patterns can overlap other types of patterns like geometric and organic. Motif patterns can be very subtle, or very bold depending on how and where you use them in a space.


Pictorial Patterns: Patterns consisting of objects or scenes. These are not abstract like the other types of patterns and usually have an easily identifiable theme.


Once you have an understanding of the different varieties of pattern, it’s much easier to integrate them into your design. Here are some ways you can successfully use pattern in your space.

1. Balance patterned elements with solids

Balance is perhaps the most important thing to be aware of when using pattern. If you use too much pattern you will completely overwhelm the space and its users. Pattern should be applied in unison with solids to create a layered effect. For example, if you’re using a large scale print as a wall covering, the floors and furnishings can be solid colors and textures so they complement the pattern, not compete with it.


source: Pinterest

2. Use different types of pattern within the same shade or hue. 

One easy way to achieve a harmonious look using different patterns is for every pattern to be done in the same color or shade. This is one of the easiest ways to use pattern because you don’t have to worry about how color combinations affect the different patterns. Using the same shade in different patterns allows you to use different types of pattern as well as different scales while still creating a cohesive look.

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

3. Mix patterns with different scales

Using varying scales is so important when combining different patterns. Using the same scale for all the patterned elements will look busy and incoherent. In order to properly layer different patterns you must also use a variety of scales. For example, if your rug has a large scale pattern then drapery, accent furnishings and pillows should have a mix of medium and small scale patterns.

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

Using pattern in your interior will give it that “designed” look. As long as you use pattern appropriately and always consider balance and scale, you can create a well developed space that will be the envy of your family and friends. If you need help using pattern in your space email us at!

House Hunters Renovation Product Review


hgtv blog main1

A few months back I designed a kitchen that was featured on season 3 of the HTGV show House Hunters Renovation. Once it aired, I received a flood of emails from people asking about the materials I used. So I thought I would go ahead and post it on the blog for all the curious minds out there! Honestly some of these are my favorite “go to” brands and products and I use them often!

In this design I used Benjamin Moore paint.  I love using Benjamin Moore paint because of it’s high quality and beautiful selection of colors. I get questions about the specific colors I used and they are listed below.

For the plumbing fixtures, Delta faucets are both beautiful and functional, especially with their Touch20 technology that allows you to turn your faucet on and off by simply touching anywhere on fixture. I selected their brushed nickel finish even though I used brushed bronze (GASP!) for the hardware on the cabinets…. but I have no problem mixing the metals!

Next is the glass back splash which was the highlighted materiel for the kitchen. The product is manufactured by a company called Hirsch Tile.  Their glass mosaics are unique and it added so much texture and interest to the overall kitchen. Check out their unique material sizes and options on their website. The one I selected for this design came from the Sillouette series.

The hardware was from Schaub and Company and in particular I chose the Northport Collection which features 4 classic finish options.  I chose to use a brushed brass color finish because I felt like this was something unique which most people don’t use and it also tied in the gold colors from the glass back splash. It gave a really elegant touch to the cabinets. See the photo below for more information on the products used in this kitchen.


Benjamin Moore “In the Midnight Hour”
Delta Pilar Touch20 Kitchen Faucet in Arctic Stainless Finish
Hirsch Glass Silhouette Collection XCI132
Cabinet Hardware:
Schaub and Company Northport Pull in Brushed Bronze Finish

The light fixtures in this space are both from Rejuvenation. The industrial styling and brass finish gives the space a lot of character and charm.

The counter stools came from World Market and were the perfect color and scale for this kitchen. The image below features more information on these items.

And lastly were the solar shades on the 2 windows which come from The Shade Store. This company makes one of the best solar shade products on the market in record time and with great quality. I use these all the time!


Pendant Light:
Rejuvenation George Pendant in Old Brass Finish
Counter Stool:
World Market Mia Counter Stool
Rejuvenation Reed Sconce in Old Brass Finish

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