My favorite things!

I have several “things” in this world that I absolutely LOVE. Below is my list of several items…

A. Journals – I do have (what some people would call) a slight addiction! It doesn’t matter if I pass by a small boutique with handmade journals or if I’m perusing the isles at Target… I just can’t resist these little treasures that hold my thoughts.

Moleskine Journals!

B. Sour Candy – For those who know me, I have a fierce sweet tooth. I normally won’t turn down any candy unless it has coconut in it. But if I had to pick a favorite, it would be sour watermelon candies….yum!!!

Sour watermelon candies...YUM!

C. iPhone – This one took me a while because I was so addicted to my “Crackberry” for so many years!! But, when the iphone 4 came out, I thought I would take the plunge and cross over to THE DARK SIDE. Well, let me tell you, I never turned back! I love this thing almost as much as my chihuahua London. It’s such an amazing piece of technology and I couldn’t imagine running my business without it.

My iphone i can't live without!

D. My Louis Vuitton tote – When I think of “interior Design” I think of high end luxury. So, one of the “gifts” I bought myself when I started my company was this Louis Vuitton tote bag. I love it because I can throw just about anything in it and it’s completely indestructible!! I also love that it has become aged and discolored over time. It is one of my staples and I will keep it forever!

My Louis... never leave home without it!

E. Sketchbook – I remember when I started working as a designer seeing a magazine picture of an artist studio and their collection of sketchbooks. I remember thinking how fascinating it must be to have all their work over the years collected in sketchbooks to look back as a reference anytime they wanted. So that’s what I started to do. I bought sketchbooks and started filling them with all of my work year after year. I keep each and every one of them as a collection of my work over time.

My sketchbooks... use them everyday!

F. Stiletto heels – It’s funny how many times I get the question, “How do you walk in those things all day?”. Well, I just do it! Doesn’t matter if I’m visiting a construction site or shopping for fabric… I love them and it’s what I wear every day! Some women have their obsession with hand bags or clothes, but my weakness is shoes. Funny thing is that out of all my shoes I only have 1 pair of flats. I am sure this will catch up to me later on in life, but for now I’m happy in my high heels.

G. Wine and cheese – Sometimes there are days where I think I could live off of cheese, crackers and wine. Sweet wine that is! There just isn’t any better combination in the world to me. I could taste new cheeses and wines all day long. Not too much work would get done, but you get my point! It’s just one of those things that make me happy. Caprese salad is my favorite!

Caprese salad is my favorite!

H. Vintage suitcases – I started collecting vintage suitcases in high school. I remember my friends laughing at me because they thought I was crazy for having someone’s old suitcase, but I absolutely love them. I’ve used my collection of vintage suitcases to keep all my precious memorabilia… instead of storing them away in a plastic bins in the garage. They remind me of traveling (which I also LOVE!) and how we are all connected in this big world.

Vintage suitcase to hold memories...

I. Scented Candles – Nothing bothers me more than bad smells…So I always have a scented candle burning in the office. Once a client gave me the most delicious scented candle as a gift, and little did she know, that this little gift was one of the most precious things I keep close to me every day.

Scented candles always in the office!

J. Fresh flowers (preferably in white) – I use fresh flowers regularly when I am installing my spaces for clients. I am a firm believer that fresh flowers can liven up ANY space! I try to always have some in the office because they inspire me and make me smile. I usually pick white because they look good in every room.

Fresh flowers, in white...

K. London – As I mentioned before, I have a lovely half chihuahua & half mini pincher named London. I love her to pieces and she is in the office with me every day (she is very efficient and filing papers!) The reason she has the name “London” is because of my love for the city. I’ve only been there a couple of times, but it has such a magical feel and it inspires me.

London, my little angel!

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