All About Yellow: Living Room

Yellow has many associations such as sunny days, sunflowers, spring time, happy faces, and so many more. We love color at ASD Interiors and Yellow is our focus today! As a color in a space, it can have positive effects as well.  This sunny hue is known for representing creativity, optimism, happiness, and enlightenment.

Below we will help inspire you how to use this cheery color in your own living room!

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Yellow creates warmth and can also brighten up a room.  Designing a living room with yellow hues can create an inviting and open space.  Because a living room is typically a place for gathering with company and friends, this inviting color will surely entice your guests.  It can also be paired with great accent colors.  One of our favorite color combinations is grey with yellow!

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Trend Watch: BRIGHT colors

We are sure you have already noticed one of the trends for Summer 2012: BRIGHT colors! It is the perfect addition to any carefree and fun summer.Not only has the interior design world been induldging into these beautiful hues, but the fashion world has as well. One of the best things about this trend is that it is easy to obtain the look with a few simple additions and replacements. So, end your summer with a bang and hop on the bright color bandwagon– no gloomy days ahead!!

A great bonus about implementing these bright colors is that they can blend with the decor you already have. Think about taking colors from a bouquet of flowers or fresh fruit- they are bright, vibrant and create a postive mood people want to be around. Colors such as yellow sunflowers, wild blueberries, crisp green apples, ect. A room can have pops of these brights just like the rooms below. A perfect combination of neutrals and color is a great way to start if you currently have plain palette.

Adding a pop of color to your room is very simple. The dining room below is a perfect example of how one simple color can create the entire atmosphere. Think about your dining room- can it use a burst of fresh color? If so, try adding color in the chairs, artwork, or adding an area rug.

Sorbet colors are another direction into introducing bright colors but with a more muted tone. They are still crisp, clean colors but do not have such a harsh, bold effect to your space.

White with a bright color can also create a beautiful and crisp look in your kitchen. Check out the kitchen below that has only one square of dreamy turquoise. The design took an art-like aproach by blocking off this color and making it the center of attention. You can do this by painting an accent color on one main wall of your kitchen. It could even be done over the weekend!

Jonathan Adler is known for his amazingly bright and creative color palette. The pop of color created a lively atmosphere without over-doing it.

Jonathan Adlder

Of course it is not neccessary to go run out and buy a bright blue sofa or retile your kitchen, so, we picked a few items that will brighten up any room in no time! Remember to keep it simple, have fun, and don’t be afraid of adding a little color to your life!!

Living Room Design by A.S.D. Interiors

5 Quick Tips to Re-Vamp Your Interior

1. Shine a new light

One of the easiest ways to change the look and ambiance of any space is to shine some interesting light. Try adding new and trendy wall sconces, or a modern table lamp to add a touch of visual interest. Finally get along to installing those recessed lights and switching out the chandelier like you’ve always wanted.

2. Accessorize it up

More often than not rooms can be beautifully designed but are just lacking that personal touch. Try adding accessories and plants around a room. A small plant, modern vase of branches, or even a large palm can fulfill that inexplicit void in a space. Hanging a mirror, displaying a large piece of pottery or appealing artwork, can create a new focal point in a room.

3. Trim, Trim, Trim

Give the room a finished and cohesive look. Add a decorative crown molding and base board to a space. This will allow the walls to appear clean and united, and serves as a nice frame for the room.

4. Paint it bright

Don’t ever be afraid of adding some color to your world. If your walls at home are bare white, try coating them with a soft neutral to start off…or have a little fun with bright, saturated accent walls. A great and modern technique is to paint your ceiling…this creates a more open and vibrant space, or can allow it to feel much more intimate.

5. Rearrange that furniture

You know it’s been sitting in the same spot for long enough. Try rearranging the furniture to suit the lifestyle you are living today. You’d be surprised how the simple rearrangement of a chair or love seat introduces an entirely different feel and function of a space. Additionally, it allows for a less cluttered mind and relieves psychological anxiety.

HOT trends for June 2010

Decorating your home to correspond with the changing season shouldn’t be a drag…these fresh design ideas will have you running home to enjoy the airy and bright summer days, right from your own living room

1. Bold and cheery accessories
2. Seagrass and rattan furniture
3. Florals and patterns