Our Newfound Infatuation with Kyle Bunting

Hide rugs are one of the most luxurious and beautiful types of decorative area rugs on the market. But one thing many may not know is that cowhide although stunningly gorgeous resting on the floor in front of your fireplace, can also be applied on various surfaces including walls, counter fronts, furniture, and even ceilings (if you so desire.)

And although we along with the rest of the world absolutely love hide in its natural state; browns, blacks, tans, and sexy caramel tones…there is something intriguingly trendy about colored and patterned hide. Kyle Bunting’s extraordinary hide is among the finest in the world, having been recognized in international design magazines and shows. There is something about the hair-on-hide leather that makes the texture in this collection undoubtedly seductive, and the hip colors and intricate patterns completely mesmerizing.

Every rug is created by hand….(yeah, by hand) and can be dyed in virtually any color imaginable. Use a hide wallcovering to enhance the chic Manhattan appeal to an apartment, or add a geometric pattern to your ottoman for an mod pad –however way its used, it’ll probably be the most remarkable thing you’ve ever seen…or touched.