Why color is so important part 01

Photo by Erika Bierman for ASD Interiors

I’m going to have a little bit of a rant here because this is something that has affected the design community for a long time and I think as designers we are all secretly thinking the same thing but I don’t know that our clients understand how we feel about it. I’m talking about the lack of color in the marketplace that is being dished out to everyone! We deal with this all the time because on a weekly basis we get clients telling us “I love the Restoration Hardware look”. So I’m just going to put this out there into the world. As a designer that is the WORST thing for me to hear. OK I said it – I feel better now!! It’s almost as bad as saying they want a big puffy reclining chair in the formal living room. I want to be clear that I am not knocking down that company at all. I think they have a great business model, nice products, and their customer service is fantastic. But from my perspective and as a professional color expert (yes I just called myself an expert) the majority of their stuff is totally void of color. I am a firm believer that the root of awesome design mimics nature, and I’m sorry but I don’t recall ever seeing nature totally void of color. I truly believe that color is something which brings life, energy, and togetherness in a space. This could be light muted color, or loud bold color. Either way, I feel like we all need it in our lives.

I’ll tell you a short story as a designer. A few years ago I bought my first house and it was my goal to put my “stamp” on this house by using color. I think my husband thought I totally lost my mind, but every room had a strong color and/or pattern. I think I used 4 different wallpapers, painted the baseboards a contrasting color, wallpapered a ceiling etc. When we sold this house, it went for $200k above the comps in the area because it was a gem! It was unlike anything in the market especially in that area. The next house we did however had a slightly different experience. We decided to go all black, white, and grey. A typically and popular palette for the current market in a more contemporary home. We added a bunch of specialty details and did simple clean elements. However, even though the house was bigger and in a nicer area, it didn’t end up having that “Gem” quality and I strongly believe its because it lacks color!

I know that taste is subjective, I get it, and I live that reality every day, but no matter what your taste preference is, I still can’t justify a space that is void of color. So who is with me to make a pact to stop eating the bland food that is dished out and to demand color! Would love to hear your thoughts! 

Photo by Erika Bierman for ASD Interiors



Dare To Be Bare

As we all know, light color palettes have a reputation for expanding a space and giving the illusion of a larger area. Typically homeowners opt for soft yellows, pales olives, or neutral tans for a living or bedroom area. Although these color choices have proved to have beautiful outcomes, one color (and yes it’s a color) that most people seem to easily dismiss is white.
Now white isn’t the easiest color to chose from when decorating a space, it in fact can be pretty complex…but when designed properly, the end result can be outstandingly gorgeous.
One important thing to remember is that white has two different undertones. One reflecting warm yellow and red undertones, and one reflecting cool greyish blue tones. According to ElleDecor.com the trick to achieving a perfectly balanced all white design is to incorporate a good mix of both types of undertones.
Don’t be afraid to bare it all. White shouldn’t just be restricted to wall color. Combing different kinds of whites, with various textures, weaves or patterns in fabric or surfaces is visually appealing. The variation also allows for different relections of natural and artificial light, making for great eye movement and enhancement of the modern and warm appeal of the room.
Additionally, all-white design also allows for great statment making pieces such as artwork, furniture, or accessories to serve as major focal points in a space. Whether you hang your favorite Warhol screenprint, or bring in your great grandmothers antique vase, its sure to make a huge impression. Really, the accent possibilities are endless….who doesn’t love that?

Courtesy of ElleDecor.com
Courtesy of ElleDecor.com
Courtesy of Momoy.com
Courtesy of Digsdigs.com