Why pattern is so important

Have you ever walked into a room that was so well designed and you thought “How in the heck did the designer think to put all this random stuff together and make it look so damn good???” Well its not magic (sort of) but it is a combination of pattern used correctly with scale and layering.

I get this question a lot from clients: “If I have too much pattern in a space, isn’t it going to look too busy and feel like there is too much going on?” and the answer is Hell No!! 😉 The truth is that a well curated space with a variety of pattern done in the right scale is the most beautiful and layered way to design a room. I often use the reference of a high end hotel. As a designer, I can’t help myself when I walk around a hotel or high end restaurant and I start touching all the walls and finishes. I’m sure people see me and think I am totally nuts. Those are some of the best places to see the way mixing pattern can make a place look amazing and so unique.  I like to bring up the fact that luxury hotels could have 20-30 different finishes and materials in a space, and then clients  realize that YES! in fact there are a bunch of finishes and patterns in those spaces. So when its done right it makes for amazing design. In my opinion its safe and easy to play it simple, but just like nature, there is pattern in everything. So please embrace the idea and when in doubt don’t shy away from using pattern.

Photo by Erika Bierman for ASD Interiors

Recent Installation of a masculine master bedroom

I couldn’t help but share the snap shots of a recent installation I did! I’m really excited about this masculine master bedroom because I was lucky enough to have a client that trusted me to “do my magic” without too many restrictions…. and that made the creative process so fun!

Masculine master bedroom
Masculine master bedroom

I started with the color palette and fabric choices. The room has a tall vaulted ceiling and gets lots of natural light, and since this was for a single gentleman, I wanted to use a deeper and richer color combination than I normally am able to use. The mixture of taupe, gray, onyx, and ivory are what make up the layers in the space.

Almost every item was custom made! From the upholstered wall panels, framed king bed, over sized nigh stands, mirrors and wall pendants. Also the custom leather chair that sits on front of the “mail post” wallpaper is probably one of my favorite elements of the room. Yes that wall paper is a bunch of vintage style postage stamps! LOVE IT!

So please take a look through the details and enjoy the design. If you have any questions about the items in this room, please feel free to contact our office!